The Talking Dog

January 4, 2006, Oy vay s'mir...

Not good news out of the Middle East: Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and is fighting for his life at an Israeli hospital. Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has assumed the duties of acting Prime Minister.

It doesn't look good. Certainly, Sharon's political life is probably over. Hopefully, he'll recover from this, though the condition he is in sounds grave.

The Unseen Editor forwards these items that some in Gaza fired shots in the air in celebration or are otherwise gleeful... perhaps these are "isolated extremists..." and then again, maybe Hamas isn't the frontrunner in upcoming Palestinian legislative elections...

This is a blow to Israel, and a blow to the world at large. Sharon's unilateral pullout from Gaza took cojones, as did his withdrawal from the Likud Party he helped found to proceed with the peace process. Well... we'll hope for the best.


one less mass murdering fucking war criminal in the world is a bad thing why again?

Posted by dan at January 7, 2006 1:22 AM