In the “you can fool some of the people all of the time” department…

Maverick pollster John Zogby tells us that in a Zogby/Reuters three day tracking poll, with John Kerry having safely creamed the President in three out of three debates, the President has opened up a four point national lead on Senator Kerry. In particular, more undecideds are breaking towards the President– which is, of course, good news for him (and bad news for everyone else). This latest tracking poll puts third-party spoiler Ralph Nader at a comfortable 1.1%, more than enough to swing the balance in any number of neck and neck states, especially Florida redux (though honestly, anyone who doesn’t realize that after 2000, a vote for Nader is TWO VOTES FOR BUSH, really should consider seeking medical help… while it’s certainly one’s right to vote for whomever they want, please don’t get all high and mighty about not thinking one would not be personally responsible for Bush winning, o.k.? I mean, just go ahead and vote for Bush for God’s sake. But I digress…)
Anyway, with (1) oil at $55/bbl., (2) American forces so unable to get a grip in Iraq that we are arresting negotiators(while we pound Falluja anyway), (3) the almost certain loss of our entire computer programming industry to cheaper foreign competition, a reflection of a troubling overall jobs picture, frankly, and (4) twenty-eight American service personnel are charged in connection with the deaths of prisoners in custody at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (even as Karzai seems to be ahead in the vote counting there— surprise, surprise), all part of the Gestapo-like behavior that the current President has signed off on “to fight terror”, because, heavens, a few Arabs with knives who might get lucky once in a while are an infinitely graver threat than (1) Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, (2) the Civil War, (3) Soviet ICBMs , or anything else I can think of.
The good news remains: our electoral college system is probably rigged in a strange enough way so that Kerry will win anyway (even if I suspect that Zogby is right about the popular vote). And once a Republican is hoist on the petard of the American version of the rotten borough system, that asinine system will promptly be done away with.