More milestones of the extended plague year

I would be remiss if I did not use this occasion to wish Mrs. TD a happy anniversary. As of today, we have been married for thirty years.

I can only say that three decades’ time– literally the majority of my own life– is difficult to contemplate (even if it is the common term of, say, a home mortgage loan.) Since that autumn day in 1991 when we were married, the world, at least as I observe it, is both terrifyingly different, and terrifyingly not different. Certainly, many kith and kin present that day are no longer with us lo these years later. Many of course, still are. And some (like the Loquacious Pup) joined us along the way. Perhaps some divine order will see fit to have us around to celebrate our 60th.

One hopes that with experience comes a modicum of wisdom. One fears that nothing ever really changes (at least for the better). I have no great further insights on this occasion. One hopes that the plague year itself (the worst part of a two week lockdown is the first 500 days) will somehow come to an end, though one fears that the plague year is just one manifestation of a world wildly out of balance (and hardly the worst of such manifestations).

Alrighty then. One hopes… ever upward…