Odessa, Ocala… same thing…

This week’s visit to Pravda (I think we missed a visit or two back there) gives us a mini-treasure trove. We’ll start with a venue whose “free and fair elections” are under attack, warranting hundreds of OSCE observers (and thousands of local ones) who, it is feared, the local regime, which uses its control of a biased state media in its own favor, will not allow near polling stations, or especially vote counting. It does trouble one that the Ukraine may prove to be as corrupt a third-world style banana republic, as, say, Florida, but so sayeth our State Department in a harshly worded letter.
Anatoly Safonov, like Vladimir Pooty Poot Putin, a former KGB officer, has been appointed by Putin to the post of Russia’s “terrorism czar” (for obvious reasons, that particular moniker will not be used internally in Russia!) The approach is that all agencies of government, in cooperation with their counterparts in other nations (particularly the “special services” of other nations) must be brought to bear in coordination against terrorism as a transnational criminal enterprise. Didn’t hear anything about hundreds of thousands of troops deployed against politically opportune bogeymen’s states, there… “Coordinated, interagency response, not limited to just one agency” as a response to terrorism. You think?
Another Russian response would appear to be more classically in the American model: the North Ossetians (North Ossetia is the site of the horrifying recent mass murder of school children and their partents at Beslan) have taken matters into their own hoods and formed the North Ossetian Ku Klux Klan. While I certainly wish they had chosen a better name and concept, their point is well-taken: local officials are corrupt and ineffectual, and they are sitting ducks to the vicissitudes unleashed by the nearly 10 year old Chechen war and other instability in Southern Russia and the Caucasus region, and hence, self-help will probably be the only help they get. Again: this is the stated justification for our Second Amendment, even if, like Russians in general, we stand by while our central government consolidates its powers using “terrorism” as cover for its political land grab.
Finally, Pravda lets us know what our own media won’t tell us: our Pentagon is still using depleted uranimum shells against Iraqi targets, with adverse health consequences to Americans and Iraqi alike… While even I am skeptical of the “contaminated for the next 4.5 billion years” statement, there is no question that releasing contaminated, radioactive dust from this shit is pretty much our use of “dirty bombs” against the Iraqi people. Just part of that immense moral authority this nation continues to carry forward.
Das vidanya, y’all.