Can We Still Blame this on Bill Clinton?

Gunmen linked to the Saudi chapter of Al Qaeda attacked the American consulate at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing a number of Saudi staff members (and a Saudi police officer); all but two of the gunmen were killed, while two were captured, and will doubtless be executed long before American officials are permitted to investigate this attack on our sovereignty, and doubtless, the Bush Administration will merrily accept whatever bullshit excuse Governor General Bandar provides to cover this.
It’s really too bad, of course, that we are tied up in Iraq , and therefore, will probably be unable to retaliate against Syria or Iran (both of which, of course, presumably had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack.)
But surely, if we don’t inflict vicious, senseless revenge against some Arabs somewhere, the terrorists will see that we have no resolve to take them on, and will just be further emboldened to strike against us, no?
Oh wait… that only applies to Democrats. Mybad.