Half Measure for Half Measure

The House Republicans themselves took action to reverse themselves on a revision to an ethics rule that would have permitted Majority Leader Tom “Bugs” DeLay to maintain his leadership position, even if a Texas prosecutor decided to indict him. I understand perfectly why rank and file Republican House members would have wanted to make this rule change reversal.
What is astounding is how suicidally worthless the Democrats are. I mean, I swear, the so-called leaders of my own party make me sick– they are really that bad. And I would say that Congresswoman Pelosi should be ousted as Minority Leader, immediately, simply for the position taken on this one issue.
Why, you might ask, would the talking dog defy conventional wisdom and contend that a rule change that permitted Tom DeLay to retain his Majority Leader position even if he were under indictment is good for Democrats? The question answers itself. How soon we forget, but it’s only been ten years since the Gingrich led “Republican Revolution” rolled in. It was fueled by a variety of things, but mostly by a perception that Democrats were out of touch, corrupt, and willing to bend rules for their own benefit (see “Wright, Jim”; “Rostenkowski, Dan”).
Amazingly, despite being a mere baker’s dozen House Seats away from a majority in 2004, and with plenty of Republican vulnerability, as usual, the Democrats played to lose (not even contesting around half of forty or so House seats GOP operatives identified as vulnerable). And naturally, in the interest of knee-jerk opposing whatever the Republicans do just for the sake of opposing, regardless of whether it will benefit Democrats, the Democrats, more interested in scoring points than in scoring seats, shoot themselves in the foot. Big time.
That’s right: nothing could have benefitted the Democratic Party more than a Republican House Majority Leader refusing to resign that position while under indictment (he wouldn’t otherwise be forced out, under the now reversed rule change). What better way to argue to the voters for a Democratic majority, in the face of a ballooning deficit, falling dollar, failing economy, social security and medicare under the President’s attack, the Iraq war human and financial costs continuing to mount… then a corrupt and out of touch Republican leadership more interested in protecting its own power than the appearance of propriety.
A wasted opportunity that is so serious, I hereby call on Ms. Pelosi and the current Democratic House leadership to resign their leadership positions, immediately. The House Republicans themselves (or maybe it was even Karl Rove himself) were smart enough to see the opportunity this would have presented to Democrats, and scotched it. That the Democratic leadership has its head up its ass shows that Ms. Pelosi and the “leadership” are not fit to lead. Not even a little. When your opponents want to drive off a cliff, get out of their way. Otherwise, jump off yourselves.
Sheesh. This should have represented a new “bipartisanship”. As we say in my home borough, fuhgeddaboutit.