Leave it to George W. Bush to find someone more troubling than John Ashcroft…

And so day one of the Alberto Gonzales, Arlen and Leahy Circus, a/k/a Alberto Gonzales’ senate confirmation hearings to become our nation’s 80th attorney general.
As to his prior advocacy of torture and dictatorial presidential powers and the purported obsolecence of the Geneva Conventions, Gonzales told senators something like “mistakes were made”. Well, the right honorable gentlemen will duly grill Mr. Gonzales, and then debate.
My advice, not that anyone wants it, is that the Senate Democrats express their disgust, and then note that they have no interest in undermining the President’s choice of “his team”; the people elected the President– he gets his team, even if, as in the case of Ashcroft, they are inconceivably stupid, or like Gonzales, are a tad “constitutionally challenged” in some of his opinions (i.e. anything involving limitations on the President’s power, for example).
Indeed– this would be my best advice overall. Do NOT try to be particularly disruptive; seek compromise where possible, and when none is coming, get out of their way. My inclination to fillibuster and disrupt everything is certainly a feel-good knee jerk reaction, but it will do little, if any good.
The people have spoken: we have unified government in all branches. The party in power, I fear, is fiscally irresponsible and has shown incompetence in the management of our security, internal and abroad, but as I have said before, the people, by a majority, albeit a small one, have told us they like what they see. If we are right, and these policies are folly or worse, then we’ll see what happens in ’06. If not, well… we have to ask ourselves if we simply have contempt for democracy itself? (We’re not a democracy; we’re a republic, and because of our senate and electoral college, one of the least democratic republics in the industrialized world.–Ed.) Damn… we’re reduced to a Mickey Kaus
Hey– speaking of actual democracy, somewhere, somehow, I’m picturing a lean, mean, buff Al Gore running and up and down the Capitol steps in camouflage fatigues, and then heading into a meat locker pummelling a side of beef with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s picture on it. Tipper!!! Standing by…