CIA Revises PreWar WMD Estimates to “Junk” Status; Bullish Recommendation Re: Iran

I guess the CIA does this sort of thing, but it announced that it is formally revising its pre-war WMD estimate in Iraq (“slam-dunk”) to the reality (nuttin’). What’s interesting in the attached link are the last three paragraphs: the first 80% is a discussion of just how wildly off the CIA estimates before the Iraq war were regarding the state of Iraq’s WMD programs and actual weapons. The last three paragraphs discuss Iran, and that Vice-President Vader has called Iran “our leading threat priority”, or some ominous term for the latest potential domino in “The Great Game As Played by the Great Incompetent”…
Assuming that the proposed “Persian Incursion” (Jon Stuart’s Daily Show gets the credit for that bon mot) is based on similar intelligence to that we had before the Mess O’ Potamia (again… thanks Jon), one wonders why we should accord it any reliability whatsoever re: estimates of the threat posed by Iran.
I mean, we all make mistakes. But for Saddam to have had nothing? That should certainly cause one to take pause, before committing to anything else that is suggested by the same team. Plus, not even Britain, Australia and Poland are likely to sign on for another adventure. We would be doing this alone, and with an already overstretched American military already over-dependent on reservists who didn’t think they were signing up for extraordinarily dangerous Neo-Colonial maintenance duty.
Anyway… just one more thing to keep in mind going in to tomorrow’s State of the Union Address… (1) Freedom… good; (2) Democracy… good… Iraq election vindicates entire perfect American policy there; (3) Social security… in dire peril… must destroy program to save it… (4) Iran… poses dire threat, must raise massive army (probably via draft)… to protect our…. Freedom… good… and of course, (5) whatever taxes the rich still pay have to be phased out…
Did I miss anything?