The Boy who cried Wolfowitz

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, widely acknowledged as one of the principle architects of the underlying neo-conservative dogma that supplied the phisosophical underpinnings for “the end justifies the means and the means are lying, lying, lying” entry into the Iraq war, denied that that the insurgency represented some “nationalist” movement. The evidence of this, according to Wolfowitz, is the high turnout in the national elections on Sunday, which “proves” widespread popular support for the new Iraqi government.
This, of course, is a yes-but situation. Yes, the turnout was very high– higher than American turnouts as percentages of registered voters– but such high turnout was confined to Kurdish and Shiite voters; Sunni voters– widely believed to include Baathist elements and others who believe they will be screwed in a likely Shiite-dominated Iraq– stayed home in droves, and had quite a low turnout. So low, that they will be virtually unrepresented in the new government forming the new Iraqi constitution. A group that constitutes some 20% of the Iraqi population, and controls something like 90% of its explosive material (or whatever percentage around 500,000 pounds… or is it tons… removed from unguarded ammo dumps constitutes).
Various estimates of the foreign fighters have varied wildly, as have every single estimate for everything with this war, from its cost, to its length, to its likely human toll, to the size of the opposition, to its ever changing rationale for even having taken place at all.
Well, thank you Secretary Wolfowitz: I feel much better now knowing that we are, in fact, battling “foreign fighters”, meaning, I suppose, “terrorists”, who we are doing a fine job of field and battle testing as they perfect their methods against us, and seek out fresh recruits among an Iraqi population we are, of unfortunate necessity, catching in the cross-fire.
Well, no matter… did you hear that Iran is harboring terrorists, trying to develop nucular weapons, and poses an immediate threat to the security of the United States…