Tea leaf reading?

A brief stop by to Beijing’s People’s Daily gives us this cryptic read of the even more cryptic article recently coauthored by former Republican Secretaries of State Henry “10 Most Evil Men of the Twentieth Century TM” Kissinger and George “Yes, I’m on the Board of Bechtel and you don’t want to know where else” Schultz.
Their analysis: the United States as opened a big can o’ woop’ass in Iraq, and must decide between the wonderful rhetoric of “democracy” and “freedom”, or the less wonderful reality that the aforementioned will result in a pro-Iran, Shiite dominated Shiite axis from Tehran to Baghdad which will scare the be-Jesus (or the be-Mohammed, maybe?) out of the neighboring Sunni countries, who happen to be our allies and oil suppliers.
As usual, one can hear the deep, German, Strangelovian voice of Kissinger as he sets forth the various competing interests. We know that if he were still in charge, the ultimate decision would be for “stability”, damn the human cost.
At issue will be whether our current President ultimately behaves the same way. Of course, not doing so would be consistent with “spreading democracy and freedom”. The joint Oracles Kissinger and Schultz, ladies and gentlemen… I think I know what they mean…. but do I?