Proactivity cometh before the regime change?

I haven’t commented at all on the assassination-by-bombing of former Lebanese PM and billionaire Rafik Hariri, but I will give you this interesting and sensible editorial from the Star of Lebanon.
It suggests, quite simply, that the Lebanese and Syrian governments (which are, of course, Siamese twins, with Syria the elder and far stronger twin, as acknowledged by the hometown newspaper) do something radically different, such as engaging the international community to assist in the investigation to show that this wasn’t a Syrian wet job, and maybe bring themselves more into line with the international community. The less isolated they are, the less likely the rest of the world would stand by in the event of an act of American-led aggression toward them (the Star doesn’t say this, though it is a subtext.)
Of course, given that it probably WAS a syrian wet job, don’t expect the Star’s sensible suggestions to be implemented. Another theory is that Israel had a hand on this to destabilize their friends to the north, but I have seen no evidence of this.
The Middle East is a tough neighborhood. As sad as this event is, the big news is Israel’s working with Abbas to pull out of Gaza. This assassination, alas, is just another day in the Middle East…