Lucky Lynndie

In this case, that would be our friend, West Virginia’s own reservist and designated fall-gal Pfc. Lynndie England, who just caught possibly the break of her life, or at least the next eleven years of it, as Army Col. Pohl, the judge advocate in charge of the kangaroo court set up to bring scapegoats of our empire to some perverse notion of justice whereby those responsible escape punishment in favor of the peons they order around, Col. Pohl declared a mistrial and Pfc. England withdrew her guilty plea.
The reason was something I have been hinting at for quite a while: the orders Pfc. England had, to lead a detainee around on a leash and pose for pictures, were not on their face illegal (compare and contrast orders to shoot anything that moves on site, such as vehicles carrying left-wing independent Italian journalists and Italian intelligence agents, or more to the point, unarmed civilians in front of you). Pfc. England’s immediate superior, ex-boyfriend and father of her infant child, ex-Sergeant Charles Graner, testified that Lynch did not know what she did was wrong.
Colonel Pohl may finally have done what I have been hoping would happen for some time: step in and stop this God damned whitewash where only powerless NCO’s take the fall, and any officers (or, say, Secretaries of Defense) escape all responsibility for what is clearly their own actions. Maybe. At least in this one little case, the military decided to protect its own. Maybe.
We’ll see how this transpires. Col. Pohl gave a tongue-lashing to defense counsel for participating in the charade of letting Lynndie face the next 11 years in jail when she seemed to have a damned good defense to the charges against her. We’ll see. There may well be Americans who are war criminals associated with “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. But I’ll bet dollars to donuts that damned few of them are in uniform, and even fewer of those are NCO’s and grunts.
That is all.