So Long and thanks for all the fish and chips

Your talking dog has been having some computer problems of late explaining the lighter than usual free ice cream. Brother Rabid Dog assures me that its most likely a hopeless hard-drive situation, so… we’ll have to do something. We’re pleased to borrow brother rab’s set-up for this brief mention that nothing succeeds in British politics like success. Despite leading Labour to an unprecedented third straight term, many if not most British Labour MP’s want to see Mr. Blair go sooner rather than later in favour of heir apparent Exchequer Chancellor Gordon Brown.
This seems consistent with some of my opinions: the UK public (1) is not pleased with Mr. Blair’s entry into the Iraq war and embrace of the Bush government’s policy there, (2) is not pleased with Mr. Blair’s embrace of all things European, such as attempting to adopt the euro currency or further integration such as the EU constitution, (3) is still more worried about a Michael Howard led Tory government (or at least was) than with Mr. Blair.
So, basically, look for Labour to do to Blair what the Tories did to Thatcher (when John Major– a most underrated PM, IMHO, btw)… he’ll probably be dumped at a party conference one of these days. Well, predictions on another country’s internal politics, just a few days after its national election. I mean, what do I know? Still and all… (mostly, I did this post for the post-title… an all too frequent occurrence!!!)