You’re soaking in it

Our visit to our comrades at Pravda gives us this alternative version of the scheduled White House meetings with Uzbek opposition leaders. The article’s suggestion is that the Uzbek opposition leaders are closely tied to islamist extremists, such as Al Qaeda. Certainly, our “war on terror” and our more recent “mass homicide in service of freedom and democracy” have been cause for us to have some strange bedfellows, such as, among others, the hard-line government in former Soviet Central Asian rebublics, such as Uzbekistan.
Given our ongoing alliances with problematic regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and similar autocracies in the Islamic world, our support of the hardasses in Uzbekistan is not a surprise.
Further, the willingness of the White House to meet with (arguably) problematic figures is also… not a surprise. Obviously, our comrades in Moscow have their own agenda… but is this scheduled meeting consistent with our purported agenda…?