When it rains it pours

London barely had a full day to celebrate its seeming good fortune in being awarded the 2012 Olympic games at a meeting in its former Singapore colony, when out of nowhere, a group of coordinated bomb blasts in Central London’s transit system, including a bus and three underground train locations, resulted in at least 37 dead and hundreds injured in the U.K. capital. This comes, mind you, amidst presumably heightened security in Britain as G-8 leaders meet in Gleneagle in Scotland… including our own denizen of irrational security, Dear Leader himself, the President.
Those of us who haul our rear ends to work within 100 yards of another underground railway (the World Trade Center PATH train station) have all too familiar a recollection of this type of horror. It’s getting cliche: “We’re all Madrilenos”, “We’re all New Yorkers”, and now, “We’re all Londoners”.
London, as far as I understand it anyway, removed public garbage cans and placed surveillance cameras all over the place some years ago, in an effort to thwart the Irish Republican Army. None of these measures, alas, were effective against determined terrorists; I suppose Israel could tell us that story.
The simple reality of our “war on terror” is that terror is simply a method of a particular kind of asymmetrical warfare; the bad guys in a terror war have ruthlessness and the element of surprise on their side… all of the preemptive wars we can fight won’t change any of this.
Oh… btw… Iraq just announced a big new military cooperation program with… guess who? Just part of the big picture… And you thought the world was scary enough as it was!