Cleans. Disinfects. Deodorizes.

On the occasion of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s visit to fellow pain-in-the-ass leader Fidel Castro of Cuba, some words of welcome from televangelist Pat Robertson, who called for Chavez’s murder. No, for those of you not aware of this leading story of the blogosphere, Pat Robertson, a guy who told us that God brought 9-11 upon us because we just has too many faggots, and a leading figure in the Republican Party (note the nice try by the White House to distance themselves from this homicidal psychopath)… Pat Robertson, one of the most watched and influential of the hard-ass Christian Right in close alliance with the corporate banditti and fascisti of the Republican Party called for the murder of a democratically elected Western leader.
International incident, anyone? (Well, for one thing, assuming that the Bushmen actually had a plan to knock off Chavez, they’ll have to shelve it… hopefully, President Chavez wasn’t planning on flying a small plane around the Midwest with a Democratic senate candidate… )
Haven’t we caused enough trouble? Bad enough we staged a botched coup against the man. What’s next? The full Castro treatment? Trying to dissolve his beard and sending him pizzas he didn’t order? Or Presidential speeches calling for regime change, to liberate the Venezuelans from their elected leadership?
Yeah, Karl Rove had nothing to do with this. I’m shocked, shocked I say that someone would even think of such a thing…