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It was only a matter of time before the Pentagon’s base closing commission decided to… close some bases, and this Wapo piece
gives us some of the unpleasant details, whereby GOP Congress members from Maine to Connecticut to Virginia desperately manage to save some bases from
the axe…
Compare and contrast our trimming a massive amount of military infrastructure at the same time our President steps up the rhetoric about the yada yada yada unprecedented threats we face and the yada yada yada supreme effort and sacrifices needed to win the war on terror… all of which digby brilliantly summarizes as (possible Godwin’s Law violation warning…) Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!
It seems that a combination of one 48-year old woman camping outside his front gates and 36% approval ratings less than a year after stealing (and I do mean stealing) reelection, and the prospect of the beloved Turdblossom facing possible indictment for his treason (though the charge will doubtless be more technical and inocuous sounding), may, finally, be throwing our Dear Leader off his game.
Not to worry: I think the President’s people understand this is not the time to change anything. We’ve still got a week to go in August… when everyone knows you don’t introduce new products… Anyone who opposes any aspect of the President’s handling of the war supports the terrorists, and will, in due course, be dealt with accordingly…