The Fastest Way to Send Money…

Just convince the GOP that (preferably unconstitutional) faith-based spending is involved, and the House will quickly send beaucoup bucks their way, as in the case of a measure approved by the House to providers of “Head Start” pre-school services even if the providers discriminate on the basis of religion (i.e., a sectarian program might wish to hire only adherents to its own sect.)
The fact of the matter, with all due respect to my good friend the Raving Atheist, this is actually important, whereas nonsensical tripe about whether or not the words “Under God” are in the pledge of allegiance… is not. (BTW, I suppose RA also celebrated his fourth anniversary of blogging recently, albeit not on his own blog, but on this one where he served as the “Rabid Dog” alter ego to my own “Left-Leaning Dog” for the first several months of this blog’s existence… but I digress…)
You see, our First Amendment’s provision against the establishment of religion by the state (small s) was specifically intended to combat exactly this: the Congress itself picking and chosing religions it wishes to support (the money going to religions based providers, as I understand it, will go overwhelmingly, if not entirely, of course, to Christian service providers). This is precisely the sort of thing the Founding Fathers knew they didn’t want to happen: actual meat and potatoes establishment of religion by direct state support of religious activities.
By contrast, of course, controversy over nonsense like the pledge of allegiance… is bullshit. What serious person could possibly care? And frankly, just what we need when the house of cards is crumbling under the incompetent and venal religious right… to hand it a stupid issue like the God damned (pun intended) pledge of allegiance to get some oxygen back. Thanks.
BTW, for those of you who believe in a supreme being, let us hope that said supreme being will take it easy on us with that Hurricane Rita… especially the people already hit hard by Hurricane Katrina… for those of you who don’t… well, I suppose you can hope for the same thing…