Faruq you

Well, well. It seems we have an… embarassing situation. It seems that a key Al Qaeda player just kind of walked out of American custody at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. Omar al-Faruq, purportedly an organizer of Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia and confidant of OBL himself, was captured in Indonesia, and rendered to us.
Interestingly, Mr. Faruq’s disappearance (apparently, he picked a lock and slipped past an Afghan guard) has become an issue at a military trial in Texas of Sergeant Alan Driver on charges of abusing prisoners in Afghanistan (you will note that its always a sergeant; it seems the military under the Bush Administration can’t bring itself to assign criminal responsibility for implementation of its… legally questionable policies… on anyone above the rank of sergeant. Troubling, no?)
Anyway, one can check out my interviews with lawyers for Hamdan and Hicks to realize that we are holding any number of inconsequential schmucks at Guantanimo Bay while simultaneously either outright releasing, or… in this case, allowing a key Qaeda player to escape… who seem far more… dangerous… when it appears that those players might, oh, reveal embarassing evidence of abuse, for example.
If al-Faruq is as dangerous as he is purported to be, it shouldn’t let us sleep too easily knowing that our government decided to put him the kind of facility where he could pick a lock and sneak past one Afghan guard… seems we should have taken the security of a key Qaeda player… a little more seriously.
Of course, that’s just me.