Reprehensible cowards

One might suppose that would be Dick Cheney’s answer to a group of over 100 Iraqi officials lawmakers who, at a pan-Arab conference in Cairo, demanded a timetable for the departure of all foreign troops from Iraq.
Gutless bastards. Damned cowards. Let’s just let Mean Jean Schmidt deal with them, shall we?
Things do seem to be unravelling on that script. Honestly, if this “pullout timetable” talk persists for more than a few more days, it may make it really embarassing when the withdrawal plan that’s on Rummy’s desk gets implemented (lest the GOP lose one or both Houses of Congress in the ’06 mid-terms by continuing to have their President offer no end in sight to a by-then- even- more-unpopular-war.)
It seems the President can’t get back from his lackluster trip to Asia soon enough.
Damn. Can’t anyone stay on message? We’re tough! We will stay the course! We won’t cut and run! We didn’t get a harumph out of you!