While you were sleeping

The President used the occasion of a Friday afternoon just before the Super Bowl to announce that he was asking Congress for an additional $90 billion, of which $70 billion will be for additional war funding (mostly in Iraq) and $20 billion or so for additional Katrina funding. Naturally, no discussion whatsoever of reversing tax cuts or anything in the nature of paying for any of this was, or will be, forthcoming.
They say a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money. As recently as my last post, I noted the passage of budget cuts which will impact the lives of poorer and younger Americans, with cuts to Medicaid, child support and child welfare and student loan funding that will reduce the budget deficit by a pathetic $40 billion over 5 years, or less than 10% of the President’s stealth announcement.
As usual, any questioning of any of this (such as “why won’t you spread the sacrifice over all Americans, including and especially those who can afford higher taxes, rather than dumping deficits on those of us who plan to be around in 5 or 10 years”?) will be duly greeted as “not supporting the troops,” “giving comfort to our enemy,” or otherwise being simply traitorous or at best unpatriotic, if not “objectively pro Al Qaeda”. Isn’t tautology wonderful?
Frankly, if I were giving the nation fiscal advice, it would be something like “Bet the Air Force One budget, Take the Steelers and give the points,” but I’m sure the national bookie could never lay off that kind of bet in time, and would refuse the action anyway… quite simply, George W. Bush simply isn’t good to own up to the bet if he lost it.
As usual.