The “Obstruction of Justice” that dare not speak its name

It should surprise no one that I of all people refuse to give up on the Dick Cheney story.
We’ll start with this “round-up Guide to Quail-gate“. We’ll move right on to “Cheney’s Chappaquiddick“.
Some strange details emerge. For one thing, the shooting seems very endemic to Dick Cheney: he shot an endangered species (i.e., the last progressive Republican in the great state of Texas).
For another, he seems to have surrounded himself with the typical trappings of royalty. We’ll start with our esteemed hostess, Katharine of Aragon Armstrong… daughter of a major rancher and her Mom was Ambassadress to St. James Court… and owner of a 50,000 acre ranch in a county larger than Rhode Island with fewer people than my block in Brooklyn (less than 400 or so).
We’ll proceed past Colonel Mustard and go to… another Lady Ambassador, in this case, Miss Pamela Willeford, Ambassador of the United States of America to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. And Lady Armstrong’s sister, Sara Storey Armstrong Hixon, who, evidently in conjunction with Lady Armstrong and Ambassador Anne Armstrong, decided (with no input from the vice-president… maybe…) to call the local media.
I don’t know about you, and having never fired a shot in anger or at any other time, I couldn’t tell you… but I thought hunting was a “guy thing”. Seems to be an awful lotta ladies in this story, not one of whom is married to either Dick or Harry (where’s Tom?)…
As I said in another post, maybe this isn’t really about hunting. Or even drinking… No, no… couldn’t be….