Saturday talking dog blogging

< The Loquacious Pup is a fan of at least one show that features a talking dog, notably Disney Channel's American Dragon Jake Long. Like all talking dog’s, Fu dog is magical, in his case, over 600 years old as well as talking. He also fights dirty, as, like a certain other talking dog, Fu has spent an awful lot of time on the streets of Brooklyn.

< LP's Daddy has his own favorite currently active talking dog, however, his second-favorite character on Cartoon Network's Family Guy, none other than Brian, a dog that, like Fu Dog, does a lot more than talk. (The TD’s favorite character on Family Guy is Stewie, the megalomaniac baby.) Brian frequently drinks, drives (sometimes at the same time… don’t try this yourself) and has a crush on Lois Griffin, the lady of the house in which he resides.
We’ll see just how popular this new feature is… I mean, Friday cat-blogging is so… somewhere else. We’ll keep working on some more Gitmo lawyer interviews, more ports perplexity, and hopefully, that big break in Fudd-gate that will win us that Pulitzer from that university we went to… and whatever else is happening!!!