There’s more than one way to skin a goat…

For one, you might skin it without actually infecting yourself with anthrax. In a pair of WTF posts , Diana tells us here of the saga of a man who traveled from West Africa, and here, brought goat skins through customs at JFK airport to a warehouse in Brooklyn, so he could make drums. The infected fellow has apparently performed in New York City schools.
Needless to say, as one with a child in a New York City school, and someone who lives around a mile from the warehouse that has become infected with anthrax, this story is more than a little troubling.
As Katrina and Fudd-gate, and frankly, 9-11, have taught us, our federal government under its current management is incapable of protecting us from any threats that it is in a position to stop. Yes, local authorities can still function (and thank God, in New York they function better than in Louisiana, for example), but until the end of January 2009… that’s all we got.
I hope we make it.