More good taste

Yes, this year’s Gridiron Dinner, the ultimate Inside the Beltway Self-Fellatiation event where the press corps throws itself a white-tie dinner where the biggest of the big muckity-muck politicians must show up and be “self-deprecating” took place again, with the President using the occasion to mock the real leader of the free world the Vice-President, Dick Cheney. For good measure, Dick’s wife Lynne Cheney used the occasion to mock him too. Dick, of course, has his permanent game-face on, and, well, didn’t shoot anyone at the dinner in retaliation.
Senator Barack Obama was also there, to sing about just how much he needs to associate with John McCain… I’m not sure he does, but this is all part of the irritating agenda of the supposedly good-intentioned “humor”… In year’s past, Bill Clinton said something like “Knock, knock… my lawyer’s tell me I can’t answer that…” or something not particularly funny…
While this sort of self-congratulatory event from the Main Stream Media is de rigeur (the lefty blogosphere has its own version, the Koufaxes, in which y’all haven’t been showin’ your talkin’ dog the love… though you can vote here… one last desperate chance to vote for the unlawful combatant attorney interviews as best series… perchance to dream… voting closes at midnight tomorrow, the 13th… or don’t show the love… life will go on, either way… [sad-face smiley, or frowny, or whatever you call it…])
Where the f*** was I? Oh yes… when last we encountered the Gridiron dinner, the President used the occasion somewhat controversially, with a bit in which he looked under various pieces of furniture in a mock hunt for WMDs… some people took offense at that. (Just because they lost a loved one in Iraq, suddenly they have no sense of humor? I mean, suddenly everybody is Cindy Sheehan. Sheesh…)
Apparently this event has been going on for eons, having been started in 1885. But maybe we should end it right about now… As, pursuant to executive order, 9-11 changed everything… habeas corpus started around 1215, and we’ve kind of had enough of that… surely the Gridiron Dinner is something we need to lose more urgently, is it not?