Ice, ice, maybe

The Arctic ice cap has receded for the second year in a row, making for the largest reduction in size in the world’s Northern ice cover since satellites began measuring this in the 1970’s. Some predict that at this pace, it may disappear entirely later in this century.
Though not discussed in the article, that would likely raise global sea levels, as an awful lot of water is contained in that ice. It could also effect climate in other profound ways.
While there is dispute over whether these particular changes can be explained by natural year to year localized weather variation (answer: yes), there is less dispute that the long-term build-up of greenhouse gases (especially CO2) is leading to increases in world-wide temperatures, again, with profound climatic effects, from rising ocean levels to increased hurricane activity to alterations in the gulf stream, which will effect everything– agriculture, wildlife habitats… everything.
There is, at least, some potentially good news from this: the rise in Arctic temperatures will likely make it much easier to drill for oil through the tundra and permafrost in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.