Saturday Talking Dog Blogging (Vol. VIII)

This week’s Saturday talking dog blogging brings us to a special case, that of South Carolina’s United States Senator (the only talking dog, to my knowledge, ever elected to any kind of office, let alone to the United States Senate).
While there are those who think of Senator Huckleberry as a principled conservative, I can no longer do that in good conscience. While I might have been willing to abide Huckleberry’s role as a “house manager” for the Clinton impeachment on the basis of
“principle”, albeit misguided principle (back when he was just “Congressman Huckleberry”) the abomination he and Senator Kyl pushed through (while misleading co-sponsor Senator Levin) to Senator McCain’s anti-torture bill, the “Graham Levin amendment” designed to unconstitutionally (and immorally) strip federal court jurisdiction from those our government arbitrarily detains in the “war on terror” has pretty much relegated him to the special class of people (or canines) I call “war criminals.”
As an Air Force JAG officer himself, the senator should have been more sensitive to the call of retired military officers decrying our arbitrary treatment of those captured…
Oh well… Oh my darlin’…