Cart. Horse. Reverse?

Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha has announced his intention to run for the position of House Majority Leader, should the unthinkable happen, and the Democrats take back the House.
I guess from where I sit, this looks like a great move; he’d leapfrog over current House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, a guy who makes Joe Lieberman look like the Daily Kos in terms of his giving deference (and succor) to the Bush Administration. Plus, Murtha actually stands for something with respect to the Iraq War, to wit, ending it, and won’t do the usual Democratic two-step: when they talk about something pressing to the voters (like national security or immigration reform) we’ll talk about something pressing to our consultants (like health care). I assume Murtha would be more of an in-your-face kind of Majority Leader… like that Bugs guy (who “retired” today).
Still, we’re all getting a little ahead of ourselves in planning the victory celebration and division of spoils. But running for the proposition that a Democratic House means that John Murtha will be its Majority Leader… just might bring it a step or two closer to fruition. This certainly makes things interesting.