Unless we bring their harborers into the Afghan government, the terrorists will win

I frankly still find it hard to believe, but Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-HCA) has called for the Afghan government to invite the Taliban into the rulling coalition.
You all remember the Taliban, I suppose. These are those extremely devout (in their peculiar parochial version of Islam anyway) Moslems who like to stone women for the hell of it, blow up world treasures like the giant stone Buddhas at Bamiyan, make women wear head to toe burqas and not go to school and make men wear beards… and, of course, they famously harbored OBL and al Qaeda and provided a cozy base for them from which they attacked us on 9-11. You’ll also recall our famous defeat of the Taliban (largely by proxy means) in late 2001 (with various farmers, Taliban conscripts and other assorted non-combatant schmucks handed over to us for bounty, many of whom still languish without hope– or point– at Gitmo and other less well-known locations). Indeed, the ease of this victory made many foolishly think Iraq would be a cakewalk (though the difficulties in Iraq don’t necessarily rule Iran as off the table… reality, you know, has a liberal bias, and hence, should be taken with a grain of salt.)
Yes, yes those Taliban. Now you remember.
Hello, Democratic Party? Are you morons listening? Bill Frist has just handed you the mid-term elections, if you want them (a dubious proposition, I admit.) Afghanistan, not Iraq, but Afghanistan, is the central front on the war on terror, and supposedly, the place where we are still hunting OBL and AQ. Afghanistan, where the Republican leader in the Upper House of Congress just suggested that we give up– that we stop fighting the war on terror. Yes, yes, while the Taliban’s friends al Qaeda are too dangerous to warrant our still being a country that complies with international law or the Magna Carta… the Taliban themselves are just too much of a pain in the ass to fight militarily and all (what with us being all tied down in Iraq and all.)
Bill Frist has just told us that we may as well call it quits in the REAL central front in the war on terror, because, aw shucks, we’ll never win it anyway.
Maybe he’s right, btw; certainly, it seems the Taliban have been improving their position of late. So… shall we call the President’s own hand-picked senate majority leader a Democratic operative now, because he has just told us that in his view, the war on terror has been lost? Could there be a more damning indictment of the President’s conduct of the war on terror, including and especially his priorities in it? Shall we send majorities back to Congress from the party that simply rubber stamps the President’s incompetence (not to mention duplicitousness)? Well, shall we?
Wake up, DEMOCRATS: don’t talk about health care, or the deficit, or prescription drugs, or education. TALK. ABOUT. AFGHANISTAN. And the war on terror. And how it has, according to the Senate Majority Leader, just been lost. Bad enough incompetence seems to have played its helpful role in getting us attacked in the first place. But the senate majority leader tells us that we have lost the biggest one of all: he wants to invite the close allies of the people who attacked this country into the government of a friendly country.
I can’t think of any reason to talk about anything else (except Congressman Foley, I suppose!)