Kids today

Revisiting what was once a regular TD Saturday feature, we’ll drop by our comrades at Pravda (not Neo-Pravda a/k/a the Grey Lady… but Paleo-Pravda, the one based in Moskva ba-Russya), for this discussion of the results of the recent National Geographic Society quiz given to American youth.
(In other Russia-related news at Pravda, an award winning journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, who was critical of the war with Chechnya, was murdered in an elevator in Moscow; while American journalists fear not getting invited to the better cocktail parties, or (heavens) being shut out of access to key Administration propaganda-feeders… journalists in places like Russia, i.e., journalists, actually take real chances to try to uncover and report the truth. But I digress…)
Anyway, while the numbers in the Pravda discussion of American knowledge don’t add up (hey, what does?), they do indicate that the majority of Americans (18-24) surveyed couldn’t find New York, Mississippi or Louisiana correctly on a map, thought Sudan was in Asia (it is in Africa), thought that the majority of India’s population is Moslem (it is Hindu) and thought that the most widely spoken language in the world is English (it is Mandarin Chinese).
Assuming the survey is even remotely accurate, it would seem that ignorance of basic facts about the world (and our own country) is endemic among American youth. Hence, Foley scandal or not, it sure looks like the Republican Party will have a bright long-term future after all.