Karl’s Waterloo… or Karl’s hole card?

Could be either, as the Grey Lady gives us this discussion of the spanking new electronic (i.e. paper-trail-less) voting machines that will be rolled out in districts and precincts all over the country (though not here in the Big Apple, where our Eisenhower Administration era voting machines are still held together with bubble gum and rubber bands). Also likely to cause lines: voter identification requirements, that are being found unconstitutional and otherwise unlawful left and right… though poll workers aren’t being trained in any of this!
The article notes, helpfully, that though many are duly… concerned… about possible big-time fraud thanks to the new machines… the spoliation rate is, according to an MIT political science professor quoted, actually lower than prior to the 2000 election. Of course, the new machines are credited with helping out the GOP’s presidential victories in 2004 Florida and Ohio… of course, such allegations have yet to be proven in a court…
Anyway, there we are. Karl Rove has been remarkably serene and confident, even as his party melts down around him. In one sense, if he’s not confident, who will be? After all, this is his job. OTOH… some of us have our suspicions… Though, will we be able to prove them this round?