Unfinished business

Notwithstanding the incoming Democratic control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which, if the Democrats in leadership are smart, will include very early (if not the very first act) election machine reform as part of the agenda (along with tying the minimum wage to Social Security COLAs, thereby automatically preserving both a minimum wage to keep up with inflation and ensuring that Social Security revenues always keep up with rising costs, to some degree, and enabling any future attacks on the minimum wage to be rightly perceived as attacks on Social Security itself… and of course, undoing the abomination of a law that makes this a nation that legally sanctions torture…)… there are still some undecided House races out there.
One is a run-off in the Texas 23rd District, where Democrat Ciro Rodriguez is in a run-off (against Republican Henry Bonilla)… consider giving to Ciro’s campaign.
The other unfinished business I can think of is over in Florida’s “Lucky” 13th, where amidst 18,000 votes (from Democratic leaning precincts) just magically “disappearing” from the electronic voting machines, JEB Bush’s machine has declared Republican Vern Buchanan the winner over Democrat Christine Jennings. Consider contributing to Christine’s efforts at obtaining a recount, or better yet, a fair election in the first place.
Every little bit helps. I’ve vowed to put my own money where my mouth is this cycle, and I have… if you’all sincerely believe that this nation’s future is best served with the Democratic Party’s agenda and values… consider doing the same.