Pearl Harbor… 65 years on

A group of survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hickam Air Base, etc. gathered in Honolulu… in what they anticipate wiill likely be their final reunion, given their aging demographic.
It has, of course, been noted that we have now been engaged in Iraq longer than the time between Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese surrender. The Iraq Study Group TM has concluded that current policy has led to a grave and deteriorating situation, i.e. a failure (i.e., the GOP lost both Houses of Congress…) The report, in true bipartisan fashion, accomplishes… well… nothing. Or, in other words, Iraq kind of sucks… ya’ think?
And thus we give you the difference between non-discretionary and discretionary wars… Or, in another parlance, the difference between “wars” and “wars on ___”. The difference? WARS END.