Anything to meet those recruiting goals

That would, in this case, include sending solicitations begging their return to action to over 5,000 Army officers who have already served in Iraq, over 200 of whom were wounded and 75 of whom were killed in action. The Army has duly apologized for its… insensitivity (apparently, an “outdated list” was inadvertently used to send the solicitations).
As long as the President continues to insist on using the military as a human meat grinder to achieve the economic goals of the country club set and the Saudi royal family and in so doing to duly pack the military’s leadership with people who are more interested in sucking up to him than to achieving any actual military goals (so that the President can just say “I take my advice from the commanders in the field who are in the best position to kiss my ass know the facts on the ground”), the military, especially the uncool boots-on-the-ground grunt branches like the Army, will continue to suffer… difficulties… in recruiting.
So this sort of thing will happen more frequently. I’m sure at some point we’ll all be having a good laugh about it, the way they are in the White House now.