Promises Shmomises

And now… News from the Escalation

It seems that the Pentagon has overruled the Army on its longstanding policy of not recalling National Guard units that had served in Iraq until they were stateside at least five years… Sorry, guys and gals of the National Guard and Reserves… We know you might prefer to stay here with your families, your homes and your regular jobs… but you’all know that the President’s ego and refusal to admit that he has created a hash (and his, or his Saudi clients’ insistence on squeezing out the last possible ounce of your blood in service of Saudi oil and oil price hegemony) now dictates that you be called back into action.
It’s your patriotic duty. Don’t worry: many of us will show you’all our support by buying new magnets that say “Support our troops” (and rooting against those defeatist bastards at the Associated Press.)
So… you have our gratitude.