Hari Kerry

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, chose a lengthy speech on the floor of the Senate as the situs of his announcement that in the face of political 800 lb. gorilla Hillary Clinton, Kerry will not seek the Democratic Presidential nomination for 2008.
While what probably finished him off was his own botched joke in California, intending to mock the President but actually ending up mocking troops in mortal danger, Kerry did run an abysmal campaign against as bad a sitting President as we have had in our lifetimes. In short, although I have come to respect John Kerry the man, I say… good riddance to John Kerry the candidate.
Which leaves Hillary Clinton with the ball and apparently, a clear opening to the end zone. Though Barack Obama is a quick and skilled free safety, he’s inexperienced and thin, while Hillary is… an 800 lb. gorilla… John Edwards is also a tad inexperienced… Kerry was a seasoned hand with some gravitas… while he probably can’t stop Hillary, he might have slowed her down. As to the rest of the announced Dem field… Joe Biden… the plagiarist who voted to f*** working people to benefit MBNA? Just LOL. F***ing LOL. Bill Richardson does have some appeal and seasoning, but, IIRC the man lied about his baseball career. And Dennis Kucinich will be back because… no one is sure, really. But he’ll be back. Which leaves Al Gore as the last best hope if anyone will trip up and tackle Mrs. Clinton, though at the moment, he has shown no inclinations toward suiting up and taking the field…
Kerry joins fellow Senators Feingold and Bayh and former Va. Governor Mark Warner in withdrawing in the face of juggernaut Hillary. We’ll just have to stay tuned to see just how powerful a force she is… Even her detractors will have to admit that there are obviously worse things than President Hillary Clinton… the last six years have certainly made that painfully clear to all of us.