Mission Accomplished, Part ___

According to this report in the Grey Lady, Iraqi insurgents (we can assume that’s code for Sunni insurgents, though we are not told explicitly that it is Sunni insurgents doing this) have taken up a new tactic and weapon of choice: truck bombs that also release chlorine gas. You will recall that chlorine gas was banned in warfare following its widespread use in the First World War (the one to end all wars), and it is nasty if breathed in or contacts the skin… painful, and often fatal.
I vaguely remember the threat of Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons (widely believed to have been supplied by the United States; the old joke has Tony Blair incredulous about evidence on the subject, but Dubya assures him that he is quite certain Saddam used chem weapons because “my Dad kept the receipts”). This supposedly altered the urgency and timetable of our invasion (lest the chemical suits be too hot in the summer)… that and the mere possibility the weapons inspectors would finish their report and sanctions might come off, permitting Saddam to continue his reign of terror on world oil prices.
All water under the bridge now, I suppose. The “insurgents” are “adaptive”… or whatever term you like. They are, with the help of Saudi (and not Iranian) supplied equipment, shooting down our helicopters, killing our troops, and keeping things nice and disorderly…
This has been… Mission Accomplished, Part ___.