Dying like dogs

On behalf of my (non-talking) canine brethren, let me say that I am duly horrified at allegations of dog-fighting, including the execution (by hanging, electroctuion, or slamming down) of “underperforming” dogs, mostly pit-bulls, for which Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick and others were indicted on federal charges of animal cruelty and crossing state lines to do it.
The National Football League seems to have more than its share of miscreants; in large part, this is because our national game engenders much that is wrong with our culture: violence, performance enhancing drugs, arrogance, frequent commercial breaks, and so forth… and of course, just like in high school, the football team guys can do no wrong… no matter how wrong. In short, the NFL is, quite literally, American culture on steroids.
Vick could face serving up to six years in prison if convicted on the animal cruelty charges… and after that, he might consider serving six years as a Republican senator.