King Rat announces departure from sinking ship

From Rupert’s Journal, we give you this breaking news that Unindicted Co-Conspirator Karl Rove has announced his resignation from the government payroll, effective the end of August. Per how these things are done, he quite literally said “he wants to spend more time with his family”. Some highlights from the announcement, reflecting things that only Karl would have the nerve to say:

In the interview, Mr. Rove said he expects Democrats to give the 2008 presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom he described as “a tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate.” He also said
Republicans have “a very good chance” to hold onto the White House in next year’s elections.
Mr. Rove also said he expects the president’s approval rating to rise again, and that conditions in Iraq will improve as the U.S. military surge continues. He said he expects Democrats to be divided this fall in the battle over warrantless wiretapping, while the budget battle — and a series of presidential vetoes — should help Republicans gain an edge on spending restraint and taxes.

Obviously, Karl’s work is done here. I’ve thought for some time that the Republican mau-mauing of John McCain signified that the party poobahs were all but conceding 2008, with the hope that they can come back and have JEB knock out Hillary in ’12, or possibly even hold him to ’16 (JEB’s not that old). The fact that Karl will now be consigned to the private sector, where he can presumably do less damage, seems to confirm this.
And quite frankly, given what the Republicans have accomplished in just six years– record deficits, incredible tax cuts for the rich, tremendous growth in income inequality, national fear and paranoia that has made racism (at least when directed against swarthy Middle Easterners… and Mexians in some sectors) cool again, tremendous growth in the national security state including the aparent ability to arbitrarily detain anyone including citizens, as cowed an opposition party as has ever existed, tax cuts, environmental degradation, and even a Supreme Court willing to un-legalize abortion, it really is hard to see how much more needs to be done.
Karl can rightly go back to Texas and proudly announce “my work here is done”.
Karl, it should come as no surprise that I don’t wish you well, but I certainly don’t wish you ill. I know you’re a guy just doing your job. It’s just the liberal in me (though, as I’m constantly screaming… I’m not that liberal… and yet, even I know that you are pretty much the antichrist… or at least you serve the cause of the antichrist). Sayonara, Karl. I hope we don’t see or hear from you again, though, thanks to prosecutorial discretion, you are now free to enjoy the rest of your life. Hopefully in quiet obscurity.