Another fox little white mouse departs sinking ship

In an unusual move for a Republican (I last remember first Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge using it), citing personal financial reasons, White House chief shillpress secretary Tony Snow announced his resignation. One assumes that Rupert has kept Tony’s chair warm for him… Tony would be smart enough not to leave a job with health insurance in the United States today if another weren’t waiting for him, especially given his personal health issues (including colon cancer that has spread to his liver, though his current condition appears stable, at least by his account).
They say things come in threes (deaths, anyway), but shall we count this in tandem with Gonzales and Rove, as the third major Bush Administration departure in September? Who knows, really. While his $168,000 salary in the relatively low cost Washington, DC area (low cost relative only for we in the New York area and for Californians; not so low cost compared to everywhere else, as I understand it) seems like a lot of money, it doubtless constituted a serious pay-cut for Mr. Snow. Hey, it’s a free country (for affluent White men, anyway), albeit, no thanks to Mr. Snow’s boss.
No matter. The final phase (or 17 months or so) of the Bush Administration will involve some less familiar faces (Snow’s deputy Dana Perino will be taking over), though Junior and Deadeye Dick will still be there, in our faces, along with Condi, presumably, for the duration. The American people needn’t worry: the same practices of heartless social policy, reckless fiscal policy, clueless foreign policy, and endless continuation of pointless wars lest we have to admit they are dead losers not going well… will go on as before, whether Karl, Alberto and Tony are drawing governmental salaries, or not.