Let him out so he can find the real robber

The only reaction that I find even remotely appropriate to the news that O.J. Simpson has been arrested in connection with armed robberies in Las Vegas is, in internet parlance, to LMAO. Simpson, as you will recall acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron
Goldman, though found civilly liable for them by a different jury, is already in the news these days because of his “hypothetical” tell-all book (“If I did it” to which the Goldman family has acceded by judgment of a bankruptcy judge and to which they have called it “If I did it: Confessions of the killer”)… a book whose manuscript has fallen into the hands of his creditors, the Goldman and Brown families.
It’s been over ten years since O.J. proved that getting the best justice you can buy isn’t just for White men… but now it seems that there might be limits to this (or not), particularly as Simpson’s personal fortune is… less than it once was.
In some sense, Simpson benefited from a lot of things… the Rodney King riots that rocked LA not too long before his trial… not to mention from being famous, from having great defense counsel and lousy prosecution counsel and a judge who left a good deal to be desired, and a distinctly racially unbalanced jury (in his favor). Although… rich guys seem to always get breaks like this. Compare and contrast the fortunes of the now convicted felon former North Carolina prosecutor Mike Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse case (who was, though convicted, sentenced to one day in jail, which he served… a day longer than Scooter). Nifong made the fatal mistake of bringing an erroneous prosecution against affluent and well-connected White boys, at the urging of a Black complainant.
All I’m saying is that even if O.J. is found to be utterly devoid of culpability here– indeed, initial accounts make him seem more the vic than the perp– there will be no sort of backlash against the prosecutor or the police, now will there?
Well, while O.J. still, by and large, lives a life of affluence few of us can dream of, taking full advantage of bankruptcy exemptions other affluent people use such as the Florida homestead unlimited exemption and the exemption for all federally qualified pensions (in his case, from the National Football league)… his means are presumably a tad more modest than they once were. I doubt O.J. could afford another legal dream team… perhaps now he’ll need to buy his reasonable doubt for a more reasonable fee?
“WTF” Update: It seems the Juice is facing around six robbery and assault counts; stay tuned for more news on that. And in an arguably related story (well, not really; it’s related only in the sense that both are affluent African American males), Alan Keyes will be seeking the Republican Presidential nomination, including participation in debates.
You can’t make this stuff up, sometimes.