The OTHER Double-Dealing M. Dowd

Yes, when I hear of an “M. Dowd” working hard to undermine and mock liberals at every turn while at the heart of the purported vanguard of “the liberal media”… I immediately think of the vapid red-head who writes for the Grey Lady. But our dear friend Julia (in a Firedoglake appearance) gives us this tour-de-force discussion of Matthew Dowd, former flag-of-convenience-Democrat, and former key Bush II and Karl Rove aide and enabler, now hired by ABC to be… wait for it… a “Centrist” commentator.
Julia points out, correctly, that vast protestations of the value of “faith” and “authenticity” in voters choices looms large in Mr. Dowd’s bulls*** ridden/Bush supporting vocabulary… though in terms of empirical backing to demonstrate that it is anything other than buzzword laden bulls***… not so much. [Regular readers are aware that we at TTD have determined that cross-dressing, twice-divorced, pro-abortion and gay rights/anti-gun-control Northeastern Catholic Rudy Giuliani’s popularity among so-called “values voters” of the kind that Mr. Dowd thinks so highly of proves once and for all that the only actual “values” that such voters “value” are (1) racism and (2) misogyny; but I digress.]
Anyway, it’s [still, for the moment] a free country for people other than right-wing blowhards and enablers, and it’s certainly still a free country for them… so, quite frankly, Mr. Dowd is free to espouse his brand of bulls*** to whomever will listen. The interesting variation here is that he has been hired by ABC News to provide its viewers with a Centrist perspective. Which, given what else is on television, may perversely be an accurate statement of what he’ll be doing!
Don’t know. There appears to be no evidence that the two “M. Dowds” are related; they are certainly kindred spirits.