Never bet against a Clinton

I have been forgetting one of the cardinal rules of American politics, set forth in the post-title above. Might Barack Obama somehow pull off the Democratic nomination, just because more people vote for him in primaries and he has more delegates? Sure… it’s possible. But he is running against Hillary Clinton, current matriarch of what Bruce the Veep politely calls the “Hillbilly MacBeths”. They play to win. Indeed, that is their appeal– really their only appeal. Now that they have finally had a successful play of the race card in TX and OH (and they hope it will also work in PA), coupled with their cheating in MI and FL (which, let’s face it, Hillary previously was part of the agreement not to count)… we may have finally reached those events that will eventually enable Team Clinton to overcome those pesky youngsters and Blacks and educated White people and the majority of Democratic primary voters and caucus goers who supported Obama, and take what rightfully belongs to the Clintons. Well, you won’t catch me napping again, so let me repeat: just never bet against a Clinton.

In the latest recitation of John McCain’s talking points that might come back to bite Hillary on the tush (except for “never bet against a Clinton”), Hillary now asserts that she has “crossed the commander in chief threshold”. Honestly, what in God’s name is that supposed to mean? Has she suddenly revealed that she took correspondence courses at West Point? Or does she mean… oh yes… she has been married to the commander in chief, so that qualifies her.
Sadly, the Obama campaign wasn’t fast enough to run a counter-ad to the 3 am bit, featuring a groggy President Hillary Clinton putting on the Presidential bathrobe, emerging from the Presidential bedroom, entering the Oval Office, and rushing toward the red phone, only to trip (at the last moment) over a heavy-set brunette in a beret crawling around the floor, apparently looking for something, while the tripping President Hillary misses the call (for good measure, a scene of a mushroom cloud follows). Of course, even if the Obama people had been swift enough to run such an ad… see above, re: “never bet against a Clinton”.
This has been… “Never bet against a Clinton.” We mean it, man.