Bitter Endgame

“If I can’t have it, NO ONE CAN!” Thus is the classic tantrum of many a small child, or, at present, twenty small, rich, spoiled children, who wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi essentially threatening not to contribute to Democratic causes any longer unless Speaker Pelosi takes back her statements critical of Hillary Clinton’s attempts to save the party by stealing the nomination back from those stupid voters. I suspect that when this tactic starts to spin out of control (or be spun out of control, as the case may be), as with many a prior gaffe, Team Clinton will distance itself from it, but frankly, one still has to admire the “can-do” spirit of the Clinton campaign, which never seems to tire of trying to change the rules until it can find one to suit its candidate.
Meanwhile, proving that Team Clinton’s efforts at mutual assured destruction are working, a new poll seems to indicate that Barack Obama has indeed taken something of a hit after the recent Rev. Wright flap and his “race speech”… except, of course, not nearly as much of a hit as… Hillary Clinton. She might also want to reconsider that tactic of talking up John McCain’s commander in chief bona fides, before some Bosnian sniper weighs in on the issue…
Well… onward to Pennsylvania (which, since it is likely to vote for Senator Clinton in its primary, is clearly one of the states whose voters we should be listening to.)