Fakin’ it

How good is it that Simon & Garfunkel named a song with that title, just as I pondered what to call a post about Hillary’s too-long-awaited speech designed [to tepidly be] praising of Obama, rather than [to culpably be caught] burying him? Too good. But I’ll take it. It sounds from her speech, that did contain the compulsory elements of Obama-Biden-praise, like, well, that… she’s still running… the one thing she kind of needed not to do. Oh well. There’s no “I” in team, Hillary Clinton (though there are, of course, at least two i’s in…. Hillary Clinton… and I lost count in William Jefferson Clinton…). Is she sincere in telling America that “Barack Obama is my candidate?” Well, I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt on that. I hope she even knows herself.
Still and all, it took 19 full freaking minutes of solipsism to note that today is the 88th anniversary of implementation of suffrage for women, the bit that got the loudest applause of anything! [Of course, in the end, why even bother trying to live-blog the Convention anyway, when Ayn Clouter so brilliantly dead-blogs it? I don’t know… it was a rhetorical question.]
The only other rhetorical question remaining is… what damage Bill will be able to inflict on Barack tomorrow? [While I may be too hard on Hillary with my attributions of self-interested malevolence against her fellow Democrats, just don’t get me started on Bill…] Give him a chance, people. Let me just say that I have every confidence that he’ll be as effective an advocate for Democrats-who-aren’t-named-Bill-Clinton as he has been for the last sixteen years.
Update: By acclimation after motion of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is now officially the Democratic nominee.