The Arrrthritic Avenger!

Arrrrr, as we continue with “talk like a pirate day,” we give you Honest John McCain (the arrrrthritic avenger, maties!) tellin’s us that… wait for it… Barack Obama probably singlehandedly caused the current financial meltdown because of his associations with various financial figures. Oh, I hear Obama lived next door to Tony Rezko. Honest John McCain must not be takin’ his meds, or he’d remembered that old gem!
Arrr…. reminds me of the time Pink Pirate Palin was pretendin’ to oppose a bridge to nowhere while she was actually supportin’ it… but no matter what, Pink Pirate Palin still raided Uncle’s treasury to build the road to the bridge to nowhere, even though the bridge to nowhere was nowhere, so the road went… nowhere (albeit at a cost of fewer dubloons!)