Hofstra Brouhaha

Amdist a disastrous economic climate where the stock market dropped 733 points, second worst (in points) ever… in the middle we have… the the debate, stupid. The last one, at Hempstead, NY’s Hofstra University. Look, boys and girls: Bob Schieffer is a Republican tool, from Texas no less, whose brother Tom is George W. Bush’s ambassador to Japan (and Bob goes to ballgames with the Bush family). I would refuse to debate if Schieffer were “moderating”… period. But that’s just me. Obama is doing fine anyway.
Hence, we have the debate about bulls*** issues like… negative campaigning and attempts to give gifts to McCain… and McCain keeps flubbing them and Obama is absolutely unflappable! Again, Obama looks like the calm, unflappable leader, and McCain looks like a nervous, grumpy old man… [btw… he just compared Obama to Republican Hoover, as of 21:56].
It’s the economy, stupid, and McCain’s “Obama is a radical tax and spend liberal”… isn’t likely registering. As of 2200… the game changer for McCain hasn’t arrived. A half hour to go, John. [Forget Joe the Plumber, Man. It’s just not working for you.]
Now it’s 22:11, and Schieffer brought up abortion (Roe v. Wade, etc., letting McCain pontificate on the issue… as I said… Republican tool… and Obama still cleaned McC’s clock on it.)
On points, again, Obama comes out standing and unbloodied, and McCain looks like a nasty scrapper who kept trying to hit below the belt; for more fun, play a video of the debate and play Al Giordano’s debate drinking game. Maverick.