Orwell that ends well

After its insistence on having Hitler’s chauffeur OBL’s motor pool mechanic and occasional driver Salim Hamdan be the defendant in the first of the show trials military commission trials for embarrassing the Bush Administration by prevailing in the Supreme Court “war crimes” (specifically, being involved in a war against the United States when George W. Bush is President), it now seems that, having failed to control even its rigged and flawed proceedings (those damned military judges and juries refuse to sully their oaths any more than they already have by participating in these travesties of justice as it is)… and now, after the military judge and jury imposed a sentence on Hamdan, that with time-served, makes him eligible for release by the end of this year, the Bush Administration now challenges the sentence handed down by its own kangaroo court!
Unsurprisingly, notwithstanding the s***storm of criticism the Bush Administration took earlier when it insisted that it could hold Mr. Hamdan beyond the end of its sentence just because it feels like it, the Bush Administration continues to insist that the laws of human decency, and of course, the laws of this country, even when it itself has made up those laws, simply don’t apply to it if it doesn’t want them to.
As usual, words fail me.