October surprise?

Not the kind we’ve come to expect, insofar as it will not help the Republicans. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell (who went to college with TD Mom… and from Powell’s wiki bio, he appears to be from the same neighborhood and is about the same age as TD Dad) just endorsed (TD’s college classmate) Barack Obama.
This comes the same day that the Obama campaign announced that September fundraising blew away all previous records and came in at over $150 million.
A huge part of this involved the early Sarah Palin post-GOP Convention momentum which excited the base of both parties… momentum eventually dissipated by the financial crisis, Palin’s abysmal public interviews and the debates… but still enough fear of losing by the Dem faithful for Barack to raise enough money to dominate the “air game” going into the final fortnight of the election, just as he has been dominating the ground game, and has now, according to fivethirtyeight.com at least, have significant leads in just about every key battleground state, as well as in the popular vote total.
It’s all coming together for Barack and the Democrats (and hence, the 99% or so of the population whose interests are not represented by the Republicans) just as our financial system seems to be coming apart. Can we get through our current economic situation with “only” a nasty recession as opposed to far worse? Will we ultimately be able to stave off the worst effects of global warming? If Barack were in charge right now, the answer would be “yes we can.” With luck (something that both Barack and this country have long been blessed with) that’s what’s going to happen.
Stick around, as they say. Time will tell.