Phillies win World Series

Phillies Logo, as if it weren't obvious
The team from the City of Brotherly Love wins its first title since 1980, and its second title ever. Which segues into… you know what!
My college classmate Barack took to the airwaves last night to demonstrate that cash = air superiority, and ran a half hour infomercial. For those of us who are quite-decided, this seemed overkill; then again, it will likely crowd the news cycle today, giving John McCain precious little time to come up with that last-minute smear (we’re running out of October for October surprises). Oh, and as to Philadelphia, as I did in 2006, despite my vow never to help the feckless Dems again, its about the school spirit, so I’ll be driving to a Philly suburb in Delaware County to serve as an election monitor… nothing’s too much effort for Barack (notwithstanding the 4 am wakeup time to arrive by 6:30, two days after the ING New York City Marathon. I live for this kind of thing.) While Barack is ahead in polls, as of 2008, few of us trust the integrity of our elections anymore, and hence, every vote becomes critical, and efforts to get them to count, perhaps as critical.
Semper Phi!